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In our 20 years of making music we’ve played over 3000 shows in 15 countries and in order for us to celebrate this milestone properly we've decided to end our 20th anniversary summer tour by going back to the place that has inspired so much of our music, humour and sunny disposition, Ireland!
We want to take as many of you with to help us celebrate in style, all of our family, friends and fans who have supported us and made it possible for us to do what we love for so long!
So we're going to have a week long bus tour in October of 2017! A full week of being stuck on a bus with us, sharing songs, stories, hotels and of course a few pubs...

Here is all the info...
TTP Ireland Tour 2017

for any and all questions you can ask here...


The company managing the tour can be found HERE if there are any other concerns, like how much booze is allowed per day, will there be leprechauns, and can they guarantee no rain...






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