Kirk Easterson

Born: 19 August 1992
Instruments:  Bass, guitar, and piano 
Distinguishing marks: The mane of a Norse god
Career Goals: To build the world's lightest bass
Interesting fact:  Killy Ripa once opened a wine bottle for me.

Kirk Easterson has been playing bass for 13 years, beginning on the upright at just 8 years old. Years of guitar lessons gave Kirk a different perspective of bass. Once he picked up a fretless bass, he found the perfect fusion of the two basses. His influences range from Larry Graham, to Steve Bailey, to John Myung, to Charles Mingus! Being proficient in both jazz and classical music has helped shape his sound. Kirk has played with various big bands, jazz combos, and orchestras. He is currently in his senior year at SUNY Fredonia for a degree is Music Education.